Gladden Services Corp Updates
For many years our agency has utilized a contact relationship management software called Maximizer Enterprise. This software is server based and allows each staff member to access all of our clients documents, notes, and forms. We recently installed the newest version which gives us more speed and features and helps us serve our clients better.  

We recently uploaded a completely new website, please take a look! We have retained the services of a social media marketing firm who is spreading our message through articles I supply them with by posting them on twitter, facebook, Google +, and LinkedIn. You can follow us on any of these venues for daily updates and postings on matters concerning healthcare. We are continually adding services such as total integrated payroll and 401K. Stay in touch with us for updates and remember to refer others you may know to us!
Paying health insurance provider statements
Clients receiving bills from providers is one of the most repetitive problems we get calls on. First of all when you use a network provider they are required by contract to accept the fees approved by the insurance carrier. When you visit a network provider and receive services, never pay the bill if they send you one, until you receive an explanation of benefit statement from your carrier. That statement will show the total bill, the provider responsibility and your obligation. Always take your E.O.B. and circle the amount you owe and send it in with a check.
When you should not use a drug prescription card
Most people know but some do not that you can get generic prescriptions filled for as little as $4.00 for a months supply at places like Kroger, Publix, Wal-Mart and others. Most have a list on their web site. There are some generic prescriptions such as moxicillan  that you can get free.
I have known carriers to charge the 15.00 co-pay to fill a generic prescription when the actual cost is $4.00 or $5.00. Always make calls to check prices. Sometimes it is necessary to get a named brand but it is also a wise idea to see what the cash price is. As for myself I have had a plan where I pay for my own prescriptions for many years and I am well versed in finding the best prices.
What did the Supreme court ruling on Obamacare mean?
Basically the ruling did little to affect the legislation. There were however two very important parts of their decision. One said the the Federal government could not force states to expand their Medicaid roles by cutting off their funds. The legislation was intended to add 15 million people to the state medicaid roles and some states are already refusing to do so. The second part is that the Federal Government can never use the commerce clause to force anyone to buy anything. The reform law can impose a tax to make people comply but not a penalty. You can go to our website

and there is the total implementation schedule of the law.  It is located in the resource section.
Business owners and H.R. managers should always review their invoices
It is surprising to us that sometimes our clients will call and ask us to delete someone who has not been employed for a long time. The longest carriers will go back and give a credit for is 60 days. There may be some who will go back 90 days but not most. It is also dangerous for the purpose of continuation and C.O.B.R.A. notices. It would be a good idea to look at invoices and payroll records on a monthly basis so as to not get caught in a bad situation.
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