Compliance Updates

Gladden Services Corp Privacy Policy

One of the top priorities of our agency is protecting our client’s privacy¬†and being in compliance with the HIPAA privacy regulations. Below you will discover how we have achieved that!

  1. Our agency has a noted privacy officer on staff that authorizes the staff to use information to manage business for our clients.
  2. Each staff member is required to sign a confidentially agreement and has done so.
  3. Each workstation has a separate user name and password
  4. Each computer has a screen saver that launches when the system is idle for two minutes and requires a password be reactivated.
  5. We have a privacy trainer who provides a 1-hour lesson weekly to staff members. The material comes from a HIPAA privacy manual published by a national publishing firm.
  6. We do not sell or distribute or release any of our client’s names or information to any outside sources.
  7. The private health information of our clients is stored on a dedicated server and encrypted. Our server is firewall protected with no open ports except those that are password protected. Our client data is not stored on notebooks, PDAs or workstations.
  8. Our files are locked except when in use.



We help keep our clients in compliance by providing them enrollment and termination guidelines, C.O.B.R.A. administration, cafeteria plan setup. Gladden Services Corp is a HIPAA compliant agency




The agency is HIPAA compliant and all staff members are trained in all privacy regulations. The database of all clients are protected by a firewall and are located on servers that do not have web activity or send or receive emails. Our data is encrypted, all computers require a password, all screen savers come on in 2 minutes and no data is on our local work stations. There is no public access to our files and our office is monitored and recorded 24 hours a day.